is a playground, with lots of synths, instruments, knobs and toys that make all kinds of sounds, of the path of the omnipresent libraries these days. 


But it is more than our sound design suite:

It is a Dolby calibrated 5.1 Mixing room for TV and streaming services, and a Cinematic and Dolby Atmos premix suite, connected to our Dolby Mastering unit.

Studio2 also functions as a larger recording room for Walla and Backgrounds, being connected to Studio1 via Dante.

Technical Specification:


Room Size: 30 sqm

TFT Size: 65"

Dynaudio Air 5.1 Setup

Meyer HD-1 Nearfields

MacPro 6.1

ProTools Ultimate

Avid MTRX Studio

Avid S1 (2x)

Daylight, which can be completly blocked