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Our ADR Room is attached via glas doors to Studio 1 and features variable acoustics to simulate a variety of recording scenarios, from Voice Over, Dubbing, ADR or music recordings.

It is equipped with some of the best vintage and modern microphones, a personal monitoring system, a visual ADR cueing system, remote controlled pre-amps with the possibility to recall settings and natural daylight which can be blocked.


Technical Specification:


Room Size: 16 sqm

TFT Screen 55"

ADR Master Streamer

Personal Monitor System

Microphones include:

Neumann TLM170 (x2)

Neumann U67 (x2)

Neumann U47fet

Neumann KMR81

Schoeps MK4, MK41, MK8

DPA 4060 Lavlier

AEA 44c

COLES 4038 (x2)

Grace M802 remote controlled preamps 

Burl & Lexicon 20/20 Converter

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