is a world class Dolby certified Atmos Home mix room for film and music in any format from stereo to 7.1 surround and ATMOS 9.1.4.

It is equipped with an Avid S6 mixing console and state of the art Neumann O410 LCR speakers, wall mounted behind an acoustically invisible screen, JBL Subwoofers and Surround Speakers with Crown Amps, KS-Digital Surround and Top Speaker and a choice of Meyer Sound HD-1, Kii Three or Neumann KH120 Nearfields, all controlled and acousticly optimized by the Avid Matrix Interface and Monitor Controller.

Studio 1 has it`s own dedicated Dolby Atmos Home Mastering and Rendering unit for Dolby Home Mixes and Deliveries.


Studio 1 also features some of the latest digital technology, as well as a large collection of the best analog outboard from SSL, UREI, Chandler, API, Fairman and much more, to ensure an outstanding mixing and recording experience.

Please contact us for a complete equipment and plugin list.

Technical Specification:


Room Size: 50 sqm

Screen Size: 5,75 sqm

AVID S6 M10 24 Faders

AVID HDX2 & HD Native


Blackburst frame aligned sync

DOLBY Home RMU on MacPro

Neumann O410 Mains

Kii Three Nearfields

KS-Digital C5&C8

Meyer Sound HD-1

JBL 4645c Subwoofer

JBL 8320 Surrounds

Avid Matrix

RTW 31090 Metering

Dante Network

Daylight, which can be completly blocked

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Viktoria Studios

Kreuzbergstrasse 7, 2.HH, 4. Stock

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